When it comes to home building, who you work with is everything. Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or would like a home customized to your tastes and desires, Concorde Custom Homes and Renovations can help. Our new home inventory consists of luxurious homes in the finest west suburban neighborhoods. CCHR builds with amazing attention to detail and prices that appeal to the savviest buyer. If your dream is to build a custom home, partner with us and we’ll make the process a rewarding and enjoyable one. From finding the perfect lot, to home design, to finishing the home itself, we’ll walk you through the process and deliver a picture perfect home that reflects your taste and style. Give us a call for a free home building consultation and see just how close the home of your dreams really is.

“At Concorde Custom Homes and Renovations, We Build Value!” – Jim Pesavento, President CCHR

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In 1997, John, Justine and Jim Pesavento purchased a home in Oak Park, Illinois with the idea to renovate the home and put it back on the market. They looked at every detail, big or small. Then renovated the property into “better than new” condition after vetting and hiring some of the finest local tradesmen. They overlooked no detail including re-pouring the concrete walkway because of small cracks. The water pressure was low, so they completely reran plumbing lines. They removed the existing electric due to possible hazards and rewired the entire house. With great pride, they trimmed out the home in the finest period details and put it back on the market. Only weeks later, it sold.

The Pesaventos officially entered the renovation business and it was a natural fit. Justine was a local Realtor who could find properties, consult on design and list the finished product. John was in the mortgage business and helped secure financing for the homes and the necessary improvements. His experience in accounting and law helped in managing the business and navigating contracts. Jim partnered with experienced professionals and tradesmen to learn everything he could about real estate, home renovation, design and the construction business. He managed the construction sites, hired contractors, and made design decisions.

Over the next several years, the Pesaventos renovated dozens of homes in the area. They became known for their quality workmanship, attention to detail, and for providing an excellent value. Local Realtors often started showing their properties prior to completion because they needed to get a jump on the competition.  The Pesavento’s finished homes rarely lasted on the market more than a couple of weeks. Soon the Pesaventos also started assembling land and developing properties.


In 2001, John, Justine and Jim formed Concorde. They moved into the western suburbs and began working throughout DuPage County. They soon applied their value added approach to building new homes and soon they were building custom homes throughout the area. Concorde’s pricing was extremely competitive and priced upgrades at a fraction of what most builders would charge. They quickly built a strong reputation throughout the western suburbs as one of the area’s finest homebuilders. To further assist their clients, Jim became licensed as both a mortgage broker and a real estate agent. Concorde gave clients personnel attention throughout the building and selection process. They consulted on everything from site selection and financing to architectural design and fixture selections. Concorde became a one-stop-shop that made building a home easy and affordable.

Now, many years later, Concorde focus on quality is unchanged. Concorde remains a family run business dedicated to meeting needs and exceeding the expectations of its clients. It’s still hands on with every aspect of the homebuilding process, and we still believe in the importance of building value for clients. 

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Jim Pesavento Concorde Custom Homes

James Pesavento

President and Founder Concorde Custom Homes and Renovations, LLC